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C-8-1001 Lacrimal Cannula, curved
C-8-1002 Air Injection
C-8-1003 Air Inject Cannula, 7mm Tip 30 ga
C-8-1004 Air Injection Cannula, 27 ga
C-8-1005 Air Inject Cannula, 7mm Tip 27 ga
C-8-1006 Viscoelastic Aspirating Cannula, 22 ga
C-8-1007 Viscoelastic Aspirating Cannula, 19 ga
C-8-1008 Randolph Cyclodialysis Cannula, 21 gauge
C-8-1010 Troutman Olive Tip Cannula
C-8-1011 LASEK Alcohol Cannula, Olive Tip
C-8-1012 Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle
C-8-1013 Fukasaku Sub-Tenons Anesthesia Cannula, 24 ga
C-8-1014 Corbin Sub-Tenons Anesthesia Cannula, 23 ga
C-8-1015 Kratz Cystotome, angled
C-8-1016 Kratz Scratcher, 22 ga
C-8-1017 Rubman-Katzin Capsule Polisher
C-8-1018 Jensen Posterior Capsule Polisher, 25 ga
C-8-1019 Jensen Capsule Polisher, 25 ga, full textured tip
C-8-1020 Capsule Polisher carbide impregnated all around olive tip front opening
C-8-1021 Jensen Capsule Polisher, 23ga, full textured tip
C-8-1022 Knolle Capsule Polisher, 30 ga
C-8-1023 Knolle Capsule Polisher, 23 ga
C-8-1024 Bishop-Harmon Anterior Chamber Irrigator
C-8-1025 Silicone Bulb & Adaptor for Bishop-Harmon Cannula
C-8-1026 Bishop-Harmon Irrigator Bulb
C-8-1027 Bishop-Harmon Irrigating Cannula, 19 ga
C-8-1028 Hydrodissection Cannula, 25 ga, angled flat tip
C-8-1029 Seeley Hydrodissection Cannula, 26 ga
C-8-1030 Sauter Hydrodissection Cannula, 27 ga
C-8-1031 Alio LASIK Cannula
C-8-1032 Spatulated LASIK Irrigating Cannula, 26 ga
C-8-1032 Spatulated LASIK Irrigating Cannula, 26 ga
C-8-1033 Fukasaku LASIK Cannula, 23 ga
C-8-1034 Banaji LASIK Cannula, 6-ports, 25 ga, smooth
C-8-1035 Banaji LASIK Cannula, 6-ports, 25 ga, textured
C-8-1036 Brierley LASIK Irrigating Cannula, 25 ga
C-8-1037 Carter LASIK Cannula, angled, 25 ga
C-8-1038 Buratto LASIK Irrigating Cannula, 3 ports 25 ga
C-8-1039 Buratto LASIK Irrigating Cannula, 3 ports 23 ga
C-8-1040 McIntyre Anterior Chamber Cannula, 23 ga angled
C-8-1041 McIntyre Anterior Chamber Cannula, 26 ga angled
C-8-1042 McIntyre Anterior Chamber Cannula, 30 ga angled
C-8-1043 Gimbel LASIK Polishing Cannula, 30 ga
C-8-1044 Vidaurri LASIK Cannula, vertical
C-8-1045 Vidaurri LASIK Cannula, horizontal
C-8-1046 Simcoe Cortex Extractor, 13mm, smooth tip
C-8-1047 Simcoe Cortex Extractor, textured tip
C-8-1048 Simcoe Cortex Extractor, 21mm smooth tip
C-8-1049 Simcoe Cortex Extractor, textured tip
C-8-1050 Gills Cannula, 25 ga, angled 7mm tip
C-8-1051 Gills Cannula, 25 ga, angled 10mm tip
C-8-1052 Morrison Cannula, 23 ga, angled 7mm tip
C-8-1053 Wilbrandt-Binkhorst Cannula, straight, 23 ga
C-8-1054 Wilbrandt-Binkhorst Cannula, left, 23 ga
C-8-1055 Wilbrandt-Binkhorst Cannula, right, 23 ga
C-8-1056 McIntyre-Binkhorst Cannula, right, 26 ga
C-8-1057 McIntyre-Binkhorst Cannula, straight, 26 ga
C-8-1058 McIntyre-Binkhorst Cannula, left, 26 ga
C-8-1059 Feaster Hydrodissection Cannula, 25 ga
C-8-1060 Chang Hydrodissection Cannula, standard tip
C-8-1061 Chang Hydrodissection Cannula, long tip
C-8-1062 Knolle-Pearce Irrigating Vectis, 23 ga
C-8-1063 Drews Irrigating Vectis, 23 gauge loop
C-8-1064 Sheets Irrigating Vectis, 20 gauge loop
C-8-1065 Alfonso-McIntyre Irrigating Nucleus Spoon, small
C-8-1066 Alfonso-McIntyre Irrigating Nucleus Spoon, large
C-8-1067 Lu Irrigating Toric Lens Manipulator
C-8-1068 Neuhann Irrigating Nucleus Manipulator
C-8-1069 Fine HydroChopper
C-8-1070 Fukasaku HydroChopper
C-8-1071 Rosen HydroChopper
C-8-1072 Nichamin HydroChopper
C-8-1073 Chang MicroFinger HydroChopper
C-8-1074 Nagahara HydroChopper
C-8-1075 Nagahara HydroChopper, 60°
C-8-1076 Giannetti HydroChopper
C-8-1077 Lindstrom Hydro Irrigator
C-8-1078 Heslin Infusion Cannula, 25 ga
C-8-1079 Heslin Infusion Cannula, 23 ga
C-8-1080 Infusion Cannula, 22ga
C-8-1081 Lewicky Infusion Cannula, 20 ga
C-8-1082 Drof Infusion Cannula, 18ga with 22ga 3mm long tip
C-8-1083 Silicone Tubing with Luer Adaptor, 14 inches – 355mm
C-8-1009 Cyclodialysis Cannula
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