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C-6-1002 Harms-Colibri Forceps, 0.12mm
C-6-1004 Colibri Forceps with platform
C-6-1005 Pierse-Colibri Forceps, 0.1mm
C-6-1006 Hoskin #16 Forceps, curved
C-6-1007 Hoskin #18 Forceps, straight
C-6-1008 Hoskin #19 Forceps, straight
C-6-1009 Hoskin #22 Colibri Forceps
C-6-1011 Castroviejo-Colibri Forceps
C-6-1012 Harms-Colibri Forceps, long handle
C-6-1013 Bonn Forceps, short 0.12mm
C-6-1015 Lims Forceps, 0.12mm Teeth
C-6-1016 McPherson Forceps 1x2, angled
C-6-1018 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, 0.12mm
C-6-1019 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, 0.3mm
C-6-1020 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, 0.5mm
C-6-1021 Castroviejo Suturing Forceps, 0.9mm
C-6-1023 Maumenee-Colibri Forceps
C-6-1024 Bishop-Harmon Forceps, delicate
C-6-1025 Bishop-Harmon Forceps, standard
C-6-1026 Bishop-Harmon Forceps, serrated
C-6-1027 ST.MARTIN Forceps, 1x2
C-6-1028 Manhattan Eye & Ear Suture Forceps
C-6-1029 Dressing Forceps, delicate straight
C-6-1030 Dressing Forceps, delicate curved
C-6-1031 Tissue Forceps, delicate 1x2 straight
C-6-1032 Tissue Forceps, delicate 1x2 curved
C-6-1033 Tissue Forceps, standard 1x2 straight
C-6-1038 Bayonet Dressing Forceps, serrated
C-6-1039 Lester Fixation Forceps, 1x2
C-6-1040 Lester Fixation Forceps, 2x3
C-6-1041 Bracken Fixation Forceps, 1x2
C-6-1042 Elschnig Fixation Forceps
C-6-1043 Troutman Superior Rectus Forceps, angled
C-6-1044 McPherson Tying Forceps, straight
C-6-1045 McPherson Tying Forceps, angled 7.5MM
C-6-1046 Kelman-McPherson Forceps, angle 11MM
C-6-1047 Haberle-McPherson Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1048 Bechert Forceps, angled 10mm
C-6-1049 Gaskin Fragment Forceps, angled 11mm
C-6-1050 Kurstin Flap Stretching Forceps
C-6-1051 Buratto LASIK Flap Forceps
C-6-1052 Mendez LASIK Forceps, vaulted
C-6-1053 Inamura Capsulorrhexis Forceps, short
C-6-1054 Kraff Capsule Tag Forceps
C-6-1055 Utrata Capsulorrhexis Forceps
C-6-1056 Utrata Capsulorrhexis Forceps, round handle
C-6-1057 Nevyas Capsulorrhexis Forceps, sharp tips
C-6-1058 Masket Capsulorrhexis Forceps, vaulted shanks
C-6-1059 Masket Capsulorrhexis Forceps, round handle
C-6-1060 Jaffe Capsulorrhexis Forceps
C-6-1061 Giannetti MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps
C-6-1067 Jaffe Tying Forceps, straight
C-6-1068 Jaffe Tying Forceps, curved
C-6-1069 Tennant Tying Forceps, straight
C-6-1070 Tennant Tying Forceps, curved
C-6-1071 Maumenee Tying Forceps, straight
C-6-1073 Harms Tying Forceps, straight
C-6-1074 Harms Tying Forceps, curved
C-6-1075 Helveston Tying Forceps
C-6-1076 Fine Tying Forceps, curved
C-6-1077 Barraquer Cilia Forceps
C-6-1078 Cilia Forceps, gold plated
C-6-1079 Gradle Cilia Forceps
C-6-1080 Bonaccolto Conjunctiva Forceps, 1.2mm
C-6-1082 Nugent Utility Forceps, smooth
C-6-1001 Colibri Forceps, 0.12mm teeth
C-6-1003 Dyson-Colibri Forceps
C-6-1010 Fechtner Conjunctiva Forceps
C-6-1072 Maumenee Tying Forceps, angled
C-6-1081 Bonaccolto Conjunctiva Forceps, 1.7mm
C-6-1083 Gold Punctal Plug Forceps
C-6-1084 Jewellers Forceps #1
C-6-1085 Jewellers Forceps #3
C-6-1086 Jewellers Forceps #4
C-6-1087 Jewellers Forceps #5
C-6-1088 Jewellers Forceps extra delicate, Angled #5
C-6-1089 Jewellers Forceps Curved #7
C-6-1090 Suture Removal Forceps
C-6-1091 Akahoshi Phaco PreChopper
C-6-1092 Akahoshi Combo PreChopper
C-6-1093 Ernest Nucleus Cracker
C-6-1094 Dodick Nucleus Cracker
C-6-1095 Alfonso Nucleus Fragment Forceps
C-6-1107 watzke Sleeve Spreading Forceps
C-6-1108 Rosenwasser Donor Lamella Inserting Forceps
C-6-1109 . Dodick IOL Folding Forceps for soft IOLs
C-6-1110 Buratto Soft IOL Inserting Forceps
C-6-1111 Ernest-McDonald IOL Inserting Forceps
C-6-1112 Bechert Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1113 Kratz Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1114 Blaydes Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1115 Shepard Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1116 Clayman Lens Holding Forceps
C-6-1117 Jameson Muscle Forceps
C-6-1118 Jameson Muscle Forceps, 6 teeth,
C-6-1119 Berke Ptosis Forceps
C-6-1121 Lambert Chalazion Forceps
C-6-1122 Hunt Chalazion Forceps
C-6-1123 Baird Chalazion Forceps
C-6-1124 Desmarres Chalazion Forceps
C-6-1125 Wies Chalazion Forceps
C-6-1126 Serrefine
C-6-1127 Hartmann Mosquito Forceps Straight
C-6-1128 Hartmann Mosquito Forceps Curved
C-6-1129 Baby JonesTowel Clamp
C-6-1106 B Squeeze Handle MICS Capsulorrhexis Forceps 23G
C-6-1096 A Vitreoretinal Forceps Smooth 20G ,
C-6-1096 B Vitreoretinal Forceps Smooth 23G
C-6-1097 A Vitreoretinal Forceps serrated jaws, 20 gauge,straight
C-6-1097 B Vitreoretinal Forceps serrated jaws, 23 gauge,straight
C-6-1098 A Vitreoretinal Forceps smooth jaws, 1x2 teeth, 20 gauge, straight
C-6-1098 B Vitreoretinal Forceps smooth jaws, 1x2 teeth,23 gauge, straight
C-6-1099 A END GRIPPING Forceps smooth jaws with platform,20 gauge, straight
C-6-1099 B END GRIPPING Forceps smooth jaws with platform, 23 gauge, straight
C-6-1100 A Vitreoretinal Forceps smooth jaws, 20 gauge, vertical
C-6-1100 B Vitreoretinal Forceps smooth jaws, 23 gauge, vertical
C-6-1104 A Vitreoretinal Squeez Handle Forceps Membrane peeling, smooth 45° angled jaws
C-6-1104 B Vitreoretinal Squeez Handle Forceps Membrane peeling, smooth 45° angled jaws 23G
C-6-1105 A Vitreoretinal Squeez Handle Forceps,Foreign Body Forceps 20G
C-6-1105 B Vitreoretinal Squeez Handle Forceps,Foreign Body Forceps 23G
C-6-1032B Putterman Muscle Forceps
C-6-1133 Arita Meibomian Gland Compressor Forceps
C-6-1102B ILM FORCEPS 23 G
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